Tuesday, 8 March 2011

tonight, the heartaches on me.

i've been listening to the dixie chicks a lot this last week. don't know how i ever stopped listening to them...
but last night was even better....not because i was listening to the dixie chicks but because i was WATCHING MUMFORD AND SONS.... for the sixth time, live, in stornoway, in the lanntair, with all the people i love... it was just amazing. the atmosphere wasn't as good as it usually is but that didn't stop them from being so so so good at what they do best. their new songs were great and there is one i keep thinking about. i can't find it on youtube though.

then today, today i woke up, went to see how radio star was feelin' as she was a tinsy bit blazing last night! she was no bad though, kevin was still drunk and lisa was sleepy. they're so funny. helen picked me up about 2.45 ish and we made our way to tolsta to see cute wee baby Hope Campbell. what a cutie. think she was pretty shy at first but she soon realised how awesome we were and had a great time! love that little baba. 

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